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To everybody who wants to state their way of life with a single word

Managers, entrepreneurs, and people who have deep thoughts about life feel they need a « symbol » expressive of the future. Something that would represent the continuing belief in personal convictions to serve as a guide post.

Among the things that I would like to say directly to them are, of course, the importance of counseling involving meaningful discussion and the necessity for grasping the deeper meanings that go beyond words.

When conveying my thought in calligraphy by a single word, it can mysteriously cause me to shed tears. It is such an exhilerating moment when I am expressing my thoughts so fully.

Friends who are working as managers at various companies always tell me : « to be a manager is to be alone ». Although I don’t fully comprehend how difficult it is to be a manager, I do deeply understand the experience of loneliness. Management ideals, desk mottos, words that keep one motivated, are not superficial things. I consider these thoughts deeply, and devote myself to their day-by-day expression in my calligraphy

Even if one is not a manager, aren’t there many people who feel the need for a personal symbol to express the goal of their way of life?
It is important to experience how the power to move forward in life can come through the expressive force of words and characters emerging directly from one’s spirit.


Expressing through calligraphy the « way of doing business » for stores, businesses, and corporations.

As characters written with a brush are different from those that are printed, it is possible to freely express additional aspects of characters through their « form ». However, the thoughts or « vision » that inspired the brand for corporations or shops, is not something that can be seen.

To convey a design by calligraphy, I think that it is important to determine what one wishes to express when developing the skill to form a proper line through practice.

Even though one’s intentions can’t be seen by the eye, it is possible to express them through a logo or calligraphy. So by all means, talk about your ideals, vision, and thoughts.



The creation of ideals, desk mottos, and so on

Calligraphy can express business ideals, desk mottos, slogans, way of life, and convictions. If you have any request not found in the following list of possible design areas, please feel free to contact us.

  • Business ideals, company policies, company credos
  • desk mottos
  • slogans, headlines
  • vision, affirmation
  • convictions expressed through one word

Varied types of business production and title design creation

For all corporations, we can create logos, headings for printed matter, and will respond to any order that requires calligraphy.
If you have any request not found in the following list of possible design areas, please feel free to contact us.

  • corporation logos
  • brand logos
  • store logos
  • movie and video titles
  • titles for magazines, posters and the like
  • calligraphic lines and titles for every type of advertising

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