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About requesting calligraphy work

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This work is inspired by the hope that we will not end in agony and suffering, but will definitely find the future.


I believe that symbols are important things which are dear to my clients’ hearts. For this reason, I would like to meet you and talk with you in person. Which characters do you want and why did you choose them? I will ask you about your thoughts on the word, what you value, and sometimes your preferences and memories. With the feeling of being transported back in time to my clients’ thoughts, I inject my soul into the characters and start creating.

Examples of Products

Words that express your soul, that of your company, or the essence of your business, core keywords, words you want to cherish, etc.


First, I will ask you about the characters you want, but if you leave the choice to me, I will ask you about things such as the purpose of the event, and the feelings and words that are important to you. In the case of a corporate event, I may look at the management philosophy on the company website among other things, and make suggestions such as giving meaning to the way in which the words and characters are written. I will consider your circumstances when determining the number of panels and performance time.

Examples of Products

Calligraphy performances at events, live stages, ceremonies, etc.

Philosophies and beliefs

As with other requests, I will listen to your story, become familiar with your feelings, and sense the things which are important to you. When writing corporate philosophies, I especially emphasize readability and ease of communication more than artistic expression. I believe that it is meaningless if I write in illegible characters and your philosophy is not communicated to employees and other people involved. Whether it be writing the most important words in a bold manner or something else, I will propose a way of writing infused with my soul.

Examples of Products

Corporate philosophy, management philosophy, vision, guiding principles, motto, beliefs, etc.


Kaō is a signature written on a document issued by a samurai family. Because it is unique to you, it has a strong power as proof of yourself. I will mainly ask you about your date of birth, the number of characters and strokes in your name, the meaning and origin of your name, and the things which are important to you, then decide on the form. Each line of kaō has a meaning, and there are various rules which control the number of holes included in kaō according to the zodiac among other things, so I will make suggestions after a comprehensive judgement.

Examples of Products

Kaō with meaning, philosophy, beliefs, etc. infused into the name


As with other requests, I will listen to your story, become familiar with your feelings, and sense the things which are important to you. The logos that I write are not design logos, but rather handwritten logos from which you can feel human warmth. I will put my soul into my calligraphy, giving special attention to the heat that I feel deep inside and not focusing only on the outward form.

Examples of Products

Company logos, product logos, store names, store signs, sign boards, etc.

Title lettering

Readability is important for titles, so the minimum requirement is to not write characters that are completely unreadable. On top of that, I will thoroughly understand the content of the event, video, book, stage, etc., infuse it with my feelings, and represent it visually as characters. In addition, if the customer has a request, I will try to comply with it as much as possible.

Examples of Products

Titles of various advertisements, products, works, videos, events, etc.

Installation art

As with other requests, I will listen to your story, become familiar with your feelings, and sense the things which are important to you. I know that there may be cases in which there are certain instructions regarding line thickness, size, and touch, but in most cases, I receive requests in which the choice is left to me. What is important in all things is how the person making the request feels about the characters.

Examples of Products

Words to be displayed on the walls of stores, buildings, etc.
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