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This work is inspired by the hope that we will not end in agony and suffering, but will definitely find the future.

Living in pain and pleasure,
expressing beauty and madness

Ai Takaoka, Calligrapher. Born in 1973 in Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture. Inspired by her mother who was a calligraphy teacher, she started practicing calligraphy at the age of 6. At the age of 18, she began studying under Mr. Shosen Yoshikawa (honorary member of Nitten, professor emeritus at Kyoto Tachibana University). After graduating from university, she worked an office job, but the gap between her feelings towards calligraphy and her actual lifestyle grew, and she suffered from depression. After being an office worker for 9 years, she made up her mind and decided to choose the path of calligraphy. A few years later, she graduated from her teacher’s instruction and started her own path as a calligrapher despite the hardships in her life.

As a result of her activities, in 2008, she was awarded in the cultural person category at the “LUX Shine Awards” given to brilliant female artists. She has appeared in media such as MBS “Seyanen” and Yui Yokoyama (AKB48)’s Kyoto Irodori Diary. In 2012, she held a calligraphy performance and solo exhibition by invitation in Paris, France.

In 2017, she expanded her activities both domestically and internationally through her calligraphy performance at the New York Queens Museum among other acts.Since 2016, she has performed her calligraphy every year at the New Year Calligraphy Dedication at the World Cultural Heritage Site “Kamigamo Shrine.” The calligraphy performance dedication will continue for 12 years, or one cycle of the zodiac.

She is currently focusing on producing artwork. With an emphasis on “expressing one’s inner self and being of use to others,” she continues to learn calligraphy techniques and forms that are faithful to the basics while expressing them dynamically with her own unique interpretation in her works. Led by her belief that “suffering is fun,” an axiom of a life of pain and pleasure, and with her expressions of beauty and madness, she aspires to extend her reach across the world as a figure who encourages and soothes the hearts of people who are suffering in the gaps between one’s true self and reality.



2023年New Year's calligraphy dedication at Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site »
2022年New Year's calligraphy dedication at Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site
2021年New Year's calligraphy dedication at Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site
2020年Aichi Steel Corporation "Stainless" calligraphy »
2020年New Year's calligraphy dedication at Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site
2019年Calligraphy of "天工綉美" for Macao Project logo. »
2019年Calligraphy performance at a party in Macau »
2019年Calligraphy performance at Shimadzu Global Innovation Summit 2019 Shimazu Gala Dinner »
2019年Calligraphy performance at Kamigamo Shrine's Kamo Horse Racing Festival's Ashizoroe ceremony, with the calligraphy of the new era name "Reiwa" »
2019年Calligraphy performance at the joint entrance ceremony for Taiwa Gakuen educational institutions
2019年New Year's calligraphy dedication at Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site »
2018年Calligraphy performance at the Silk Horse Club party celebrating the Autumn Oaks race
2018年Corporate philosophy calligraphy for Daiichi Kasei Corporation »
2018年New Year's calligraphy dedication at Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site
2017年Aichi Steel Corporation calligraphy for "Forge," "Steel," and "Smart" »
2017年Calligraphy performance and artwork exhibit at Queens Museum in New York »
2016年Calligraphy for the "Wano Nishiki" project »
2017年New Year's calligraphy dedication performance at Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site »
2016年Calligraphy performance at the Kyoto Culture Power Project 2016-2020 "Open Workshop in Tango"
2016年Special calligraphy class at City College of New York
2016年Calligraphy performance at the Hammond Museum in New York »
2016年The title of the program "Daido Drinko Special: The Galloping Arrows of Murō-ji Shrine »
2016年Calligraphy for the program title "Ueda Shinya's Japanese Medal Story" on NTV »
2016年Television appearance on "Yokoyama Yui (AKB48) Hanneri Meguru Kyoto Irodori Nikki"
2016年Television appearance on "Nippon Daisuki Gaikokujin No.1 Kettei-sen"
2016年Calligraphy dedication and performance at Kamigamo Shrine, a World Cultural Heritage site
2015年Artwork exhibited at Byobu-Art, Kyoto Pier Antique Show in New York
2015年Collaborative calligraphy with a Chinese calligrapher for the Aichi Prefecture Ping Pong Diplomacy monument, with calligraphy of "peace" and "love" »
2012年Calligraphy performance and solo exhibition held in Paris, Franc »
2012年Solo exhibition held at Okinawa Mitsukoshi department store
2011年Appeared on the live broadcast of "Seyanen" on MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System.
2011年Special interview titled "Ichigo Ichie" was featured in the April issue of Fujin Gahō magazine.
2010年Wrote the characters for "Kamo Kurabeuma" at Kamigamo Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
2010年Collaboration with the World Exhibition of Mother Teresa's 100th anniversary.
2008年Received the Culture Person Award at the LUX2008 Shine Awards, and collaborated with accordionist Coba at the same event.
2007年Appeared as a calligraphy instructor with the Japanese boy band Arashi on the second part of "Vanilla Kibun!" on Fuji TV, called "GLA".
2007年Collaborated with pianist Nicola Frisardi at the Karajan Easter Music Festival celebrating the 100th anniversary of Karajan's birth.