Ai Takaoka | Traditional Japanese calligraphy as an elegant and powerful

Expressing the soul

Calligraphy performance

« It’s good to let yourself emerge » Overcoming her frustrations and sickness, Ai Takaoka has developed a method of calligraphy that can fully express feelings. To the people who, under social pressure, have no hope for the future, she wants to convey the wonders of self-expression, of creating a performance that comes from one’s self.

Technique and freedom

Kyoto Calligraphy school « Shoraku Room »

First of all, you need to faithfully study the copybook, slowly, carefully infusing the technique into your body. Then, when the time is right, write freely, unravel your heart and enjoy doing calligraphy. Ai Takaoka’s calligraphy school « Shoraku Room » gives a focus on the balance between art and technique. It also has two branches : one in central Kyoto and the other in Amanohashidate (on the seaside in the north of Kyoto prefecture).

Create characters

Creative activities as a calligrapher

Ai Takaoka was once saved by « words » when at a fork in her life, she chose to follow the path of calligraphy. Thereafter she askd the question : what kind of path should be built and followed ? Among Ai Takaoka’s favored thoughts is to be delighted by gentleness, dreams, hopes, power and passion.
To continue calligraphy in this spirit is her mission.

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