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Steel, forging, SmartAichi Steel

I received a request from President Fujioka and wrote three characters.
First of all, I was allowed to visit the factories of each company in order to create a work that was more thoughtful when I was writing the calligraphy.
I always think that my work is a posthumous work.
This time, I put my soul into writing.
Sometimes, in order to push myself, I go for a run, raise my thighs 100 times immediately after coming back, and then create a work, believing in the possibilities of what I have pushed myself into.
It is a written work.
“Firm and strong desire, technology. And beyond that, we will create new possibilities and the future.”
With my heartfelt wishes for the further development of Aichi Steel,
I finished writing it.
I would be happy if some thoughts were conveyed to everyone who sees this character.

Work Data

Production year2017
Calligraphy stylewriting brush
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